Tuesday 27 August 2013

She Loved Life And It Loved Her Right Back

These bags honestly are the nicest things since sliced bread & bumble bee's
The lovely owner of the store Tea Please was kind enough to send me one of her oh so cute tote bags.
I have liked her etsy store for ages now so i was over the moon when i received one of her quote tote bags in the mail.
The bag itself is so sweet and the packaging is just the same. It came in a pink bag which she had decorated with flowers, hearts and adorable sticker. She even went the extra mile and included a hand written note on the back of her business card. I've probably used the word "cute" way too many times already on this post but i honestly can't think of a better word to describe it.
The bag itself is, wait for it, unbelievably cute!
It has become my go to bag, the quote adds a nice touch to any outfit and the black and white of the bag means you really can wear it with anything. I love all of the bags in the store, you should definitely check out her other quotes. As if it couldn't get any better all Tea Please's bags are eco friendly and made from 100% natural and un-dyed cotton so you can treat yourself while saving the planet!
Amazing finds like this are a reminder of how much nicer smaller stores and unique pieces are compared to large chains that you cant walk down the street without seeing someone with the same bag as you.
Please please go check out their store, everyone needs some tea in their life!

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