Friday 23 August 2013

Daisy-Mae Jewellery

Yesterday i received a parcel from the very lovely Daisy-Mae, owner of the equally as lovely etsy store "my green cow"
Inside the parcel were two items of jewelry, these gorgeous daisy earrings:
 and this silver infinity bracelet which is so so cute
 I have actually wanted an infinity bracelet for so so long now so im extremely pleased with this.
Daisy sells all kinds of jewelery and it's all handmade! She is honestly unbelievably talented. Both of my pieces are excellent quality and really well made.
Bracelets are often to big for me so the range of size she gives you with chain is really handy. The bracelet is a really pretty silver which will go with every outfit and add a delicate touch.
The earrings are just as great. They aren't too small that they are noticeable but they're not so big their practically in your face. Just right.
I love pastel pink and daisies at the moment so these are perfect for me! Plus they're the perfect summer accessory.

I really reccomend you go check out Daisy's store and look at all her other gems!
I might have to order some of her m&m earrings, unbelievably cute!

all opinions are my own 

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