Friday 4 October 2013

“A mind That nobleness made simple as a fire, With beauty like a tightened bow” | Lemon Milk Etsy

Bows are my one of my favorite things so when this parcel arrived at my house i was overjoyed. I have lusted over Lemon Milk an etsy store selling handmade, gorgeous bows for ages so to finally have one is so great. Lev who owns the store was kind enough to send me a bow, all the way from Canada, in return for a post so of course i jumped on the offer. For those of you who aren't familiar with her store you can visit it here. Warning, you will fall in love.
In my parcel i received the "spring flowers" hair bow, a gorgeous mint green fabric with dainty lilac flowers printed all over. I love the way it's so colorful, now its fall time I'm always looking for something to jazz up my outfit and add a pop of color so im sure this bow will hardly leave my head in the coming months.
 She also wrote me this ever so cute note in a thank you card. I think packaging is so important when it comes to etsy and she certainly didn't disappoint. The bow was rapped in a pink paper and the card appears to be homemade, i love how you can tell just how much Lev puts into her business, it totally pays off.
I really hope you all go and check out the store, you'll love it i promise! Let me know what your favorite lemon milk product is in the comments, i've just spotted her silver bow bracelet which is definitely going on my wishlist. 

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