Thursday 4 August 2016

Equality... Or Ice-Cream?

A video of a white policeman in America pulling over a black woman, for no crime other than "driving without an ice-cream cone" has been circulating social media this week. When it appeared on my timeline I was nothing but embarrassed that as a white person, like myself, he has responded to such a huge injustice with an ice cream? Now, I know the intention behind this gesture was clearly to overcome racial divisions with a simple act of kindness - but it is the sheer terror on the woman's face that is the most powerful thing in the video for me. Her immediate readiness for a fight, an unnecessary fight to defend her lawful driving to - who she presumed - was another racist cop. 

That is the REAL issue here, not the lack of ice-cream. Black Lives Matter isn't highlighting an injustice in white drivers receiving cool treats on hot days, its about the innocent BLACK lives that are taken by police officers that have racial prejudice as their only motivation/reason to pull the trigger. You can't eradicate racism with a 99' and a flake. 

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