Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers Day

This mothers day my mum was giving no hints and i really mean NO hints and so rather than panic buy her yet more bath bits to add to the contents of the bathroom cupboard i decided to get some treats and create a simple yet sweet high tea. I added the Thornton's fudge, pink coconut macaroons and a daisy cupcake to the layers of our cake stand and make us both tea in these adorable vintage tea cups. To add to the mood i lit a few candles and picked a flower from our garden, putting it in an empty jar (so pintrest). What did you do for mothers day this year? I could do with some inspiration for the next!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Company Magazine // April 2014

This months issue of Company magazine featured the blogger-sphere's very own, Zoella (Zoe Sugg) on the front cover! Zoe is a big inspiration of mine and walking into Tesco and seeing her face on the front of such a popular magazine fills me with joy. I've met Zoe personally and she is the loveliest, most deserving woman. It just shows you where blogging can get you.  

This issue was based around the city of London, from an interview with the mayor to the styles in different boroughs. Company gave us an insight to the up and coming spring trends (which i can't wait for ), be expecting a lot of pastels! It seems the Mac - St.Germain rave will soon make a re-occurrence, it's all about the "chalk" girls.

The free gift with the April issue was Company's "lashes" mascara. The packaging on this product is a gorgeous matte black plastic that provides maximum grip, meaning it's like likely for you to end up with a blob of black on your nose. I have only tried this mascara once and so i'm not the best critic but it did provide me with a full coverage, lengthiness the lashes slightly and separating them. I think it's more of an everyday rush out the house mascara as apposed to partying.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spring Stroll

I know it's not officially spring time until the 20th of March but it sure does feel like it. Flower's are beginning to bloom and the sun is shining. Me and my mum stopped of on the way back from school for a stroll in my local forest and fields and i decided to snap some pictures, we also found this fox. What i think is a she, was sat just in-front of us we could have reached out and touched it if we hadn't panicked and tried to sneak away before it killed us. Haha.